Systems Change

We specialise in working with complex situations that seem stuck, polarised or hopeless.

We work with the interface between the individual, team and the wider system.

We look for the simplest, smallest interventions to interrupt ‘stuck’ patterns of relating and strengthen the natural capacity of the system to evolve and adapt.

We invite sharing of stories and experiences that illuminate the strengths, challenges and possibilities of the system. We affirm multiple ways of knowing: the holistic and intuitive alongside the conceptual and analytical.

We observe the system in its context and in action. We pay attention to patterns of relating within the system and at the boundaries with the wider whole.

We support our clients’ capacity to self-organise, to work productively with tensions, and to hold open a space for people to learn how to work emergently.

We help clients discover the common ground from which people can then take action.

Client Feedback

“ This workshop finally brought to an end the countless theoretical discussions about what the problems were and how to tackle them. After it we knew, through firsthand experience, what we were dealing with - a real breakthrough. ”
Executive Vice-President, Global Energy Company

“ The best team away-day I’ve ever experienced. ”
Partner, International Coaching Firm

“ John and his team worked with our two general practices to prepare us for a successful organisation merger. We couldn’t have achieved this without the support, discipline and wisdom that John gave us. He took time to observe us in action, and to understand how each organisation worked, and the values and behaviours that formed our separate cultures. He then took us through a process that was informative, challenging, developmental and fun - in equal measures.”
Dr Peter Devlin, Partner, WellBN

image for Leading Self, Leading Systems, public leadership online workshop

Leading Self, Leading Systems

Highly engaging, illuminating online leadership workshop

Session 1: 0900-1300 BST, Tuesday 10 October
Session 2: 0900-1300 BST, Tuesday 17 October

We are living amidst profound disruption in almost every sphere of our lives - economic, political, organisational, societal and ecological. In these times of turbulence, polarisation and uncertainty, leading self and leading systems are capacities needed by every leader. The workshop integrates the lenses of self and systems to illuminate how people, teams and organisations get stuck and how you liberate potential and strengthen working relationships.

We draw on the profound and practical frameworks of systems theorist, Barry Oshry, and his five decades of research into power and powerlessness in human systems. John Watters pioneered the introduction of Oshry’s work into Europe and partnered with Barry over a fifteen-year period to accredit coaches and trainers worldwide introducing this work into organisations as a diverse as UNESCO, NATO, Shell, Roche, government and public sector bodies of all kinds, global and local charities.

The workshop offers you an unforgettable experience of the pitfalls and possibilities of organisational life.

The Leading Self, Leading Systems workshop is often included as one of the elements in our consulting work within an organisation. The workshop provides a powerful shared experience, a mirror for the team or organisation to reflect on their taken-for-granted assumptions and dominant patterns of relating and acts as a catalyst to stimulate fresh thinking on leading and organising. It can be run as in-person workshop for between 15-500 people and in a variety of formats as an online workshop. Speak to John to explore the options for your context.

Feedback on our Leading Self, Leading Systems workshops

“ The workshop was the most successful and impactful training I have been involved in for 25 years. It’s changed how I see my leadership role. ”
Peter Thomas, Senior Fellow, Institute for Government, UK

“ Working with John Watters has been among the most productive partnerships I have known. He is at core a deeply spiritual person firmly on the side of creating positive energy throughout the world. ”
Barry Oshry PhD, Author, Seeing Systems: Unlocking the Mysteries of Organizational Life

“ It’s easy to underestimate the power of Oshry’s work until you have taken this workshop. It was a life changing experience. You will find instant applications to both your personal and professional life. ”
Seema Malhotra, Member of Parliament for Feltham & Weston, UK

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