How We Work

The Heart of What Matters - Making Meaning in a Time of Crisis workshop
  • We work at the interface between the individual, team and wider system.

  • We connect strategy, leadership and culture.

  • We observe the system in its context and in action.

  • We pay attention to patterns of relating within the system and at the boundaries with the whole.

  • We create conditions for speaking up and listening.

  • We invite sharing of stories and experiences that illuminate the strengths, challenges and possibilities of the system.

  • We affirm holistic and intuitive ways of knowing as well as the conceptual and analytic.

  • We look for the simplest, smallest interventions to release the natural capacity of the system to adapt and evolve.

  • We support our clients’ capacity to self-organise, to work productively with tensions, and to hold open a space for people to learn how to work emergently

  • We help clients discover the common ground between them and transform their capacity for action.
Client Feedback

“ This workshop finally brought to an end the countless theoretical discussions about what the problems were and how to tackle them. After it we knew, through firsthand experience, what we were dealing with - a real breakthrough. ”
Executive Vice-President, Global Energy Company

“ The best team away-day I’ve ever experienced. ”
Partner, International Coaching Firm

“ John and his team worked with our two general practices to prepare us for a successful organisation merger. We couldn’t have achieved this without the support, discipline and wisdom that John gave us. He took time to observe us in action, and to understand how each organisation worked, and the values and behaviours that formed our separate cultures. He then took us through a process that was informative, challenging, developmental and fun - in equal measures.”
Dr Peter Devlin, General Practice Partner and Health Enterpreneur

“ Sincere thanks for your expertise, care, patience and perseverance. You’ve uncovered and unlocked important dynamics in the system. Much more for us to do but you have truly strengthened us to do this.”
Partner, International Consultancy

“ John is very skilled, working at a depth I have not experienced in any other workplace training, whether with large groups or one-to-one.  He is very good at guiding people to face challenging aspects of their roles and behaviours, and therefore creates potential for real and ongoing positive change.  His insight and questions have helped me to think in ways I would not have done before, opening a much wider range of possibilities for me.”
Holly Bembridge, Principal, King Edward VI College, Stourbridge, UK

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